Bold and Becoming

What is Bold and Becoming? ​

Bold and Becoming is an initiative to empower, encourage and enable women (and youths) around us through a series of (free of cost) empowering workshops and podcasts/webinars, mentorship programs and campaigns.

Three main purposes of this initiative:

To create and connect strong networks of women and youths

To help and guide women and youths to cultivate confidence, courage, self-respect, self-love, self-dignity & self-worth.​

To achieve Sustainable Development Goal #5, Gender-equality and Women's Empowerment.

The workshops are focused around three main objectives

Finding Purposes/Setting Goals-life-paths

Learning leadership skills​

Building Mentor-mentee relationships

As mentioned above, the entire program is disaggregated into 12 workshops with an expectation of 1 workshop per month. These workshops are structured in intriguing interactive sessions with periodic presence of distinguished and accomplished guest speakers who will share their valuable life lessons, experiences, and wisdoms!

Why Bold and Becoming? ​

Growing up in a minority middle-class family in Bangladesh and struggling to navigate through life in my teens and early twenties, it made me realize and assess the utmost importance of cultivating confidence, courage, self-respect, self-love, self-dignity & self-worth among Bangladeshi young girls and women to help them acknowledge their fullest potential and to guide them lead a life with meaningful purpose and fulfillment.  And hence, I have designed a series of virtual monthly workshops and webinars called Bold and Becoming to empower, encourage and enable women and youths and to give back to my community in a strong impactful manner!

 Let us all empower, encourage and enable the women(and the youths) around us!!

Know That

Behind Every Successful Women is a tribe of other successful women who have her back!

- Gladstone News

I am a bold and brave United Nations (UN) activist, a Levermore Global scholar and a global citizen who embraces diversity to the fullest and loves to connect the dots and realistically solves various global problems. I am also the retired founder and president of United Nations Association – USA Adelphi Chapter. I have completed my Bachelors and Masters in Accounting from Adelphi University, NY, USA and have been residing in the magical New York for the last seven and a half years! Currently, I am working as an Auditor in Ernst and Young and a Certified Public Accountant. (My friends call me an accountant with a passion to solve global problems and to make a better working world!)

As much as I value finding solutions for complex global problems and working towards achieving the SDGs, I feel the same about empowering, encouraging and enabling women all over the world. Cultivating confidence, courage, self-respect and self love among women to help them acknowledge their fullest potential and to guide them lead meaningful and purposeful lives is one of my greatest missions and passions

Chitralekha Kar, CPA

Assurance Senior, Ernst and Young.
BA’18, MS’19

Our Workshops

Workshop#1 - Creating A value System (EMK Center)

Values are the most important things in our lives. When we are aware, clear and cognizant about our values, prioritization becomes easier which in turn smoothens our decision making processes. And sound decisions are demonstrated through our actions and actions accumulate and shape our habits, which determine our daily outcomes or goals and forge our behavior.

Workshop#2 - Understanding the Purpose (EMK Center)

“Understanding the purpose” was our second workshop. As the title sounds, we pretty much dissected and discussed our “why(s)” in life. We teased our brains to answer the “why(s)” of our actions! We tried to solve the complicated calculus of “WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO?”.

Our Webinars

Webinar#1 - Women Empowerment and its values

We had the privilege of bringing together three amazing leaders and educators to share their perspectives and knowledge with us. According to World Vision, “Women’s empowerment can be defined as promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.”

Webinar 2 - Women Empowerment and its purposes

We had the honor of having three brilliant minds and changemakers as our guest speakers to share their thoughts on the subject. According to the UN, “Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.” To achieve SDG-5, we need to understand the purpose of women’s empowerment and its common misconceptions to move forward toward the goal.


Lives Impacted!

1 k+

(Workshops & Campaign)

1 k+

(Social Media & Webinars)

1 +


Participants from

1 +




of Workshop attendees report improvement in communication and confidence skill after attending the workshop

14 out of every 15

workshop attendees - report to learn new information, tools, technique and skills after the workshop


of Workshop attendees mentioned being more aware and focused about their purpose, goals and personal and professional growths.


of workshop attendees report implementing the organizational skills in their personal and professional lives.

Bold and Becoming Empowers

Kashfi Mohammad

Lalmatia College, Social Media Associate

Raisa Aziz

ULAB, Social Media Associate

Tasnia Alam

Lalmatia College, Event and Outreach Coordinator

Sabina Yeasmin

BRUR, Blogs and Communication Associate

Rakib Hossain Sajib

BRUR, Web and IT Lead


Bold and Becoming is an initiative to empower, encourage and enable “you” by guiding you to learn more about yourself; By guiding you to cultivate your confidence, courage, self-respect, and self-love; By guiding you to find an active role-model/mentor for yourself!

We will help you to set goals/life directions, provide you opportunities to learn different leadership skills such as decision making, organization, planning, critical thinking, and time management etc. And will assist you in obtaining opportunities to apply and execute these skills by connecting you to different industry leaders. We want you to be more aware, more transformative, and more importantly— to be your best!

You can be a part of Bold and Becoming by joining our monthly workshops, or any of our running programs such as campus ambassador and/or mentorship program.

Yes, we can definitely come to your campus or your community to do our workshops. Please arrange at-least 20 members from your campus or community and email us at with subject line: Workshop in my Campus/Community. We will get back to you promptly

Yes, you will if you complete at-least 8 workshops out of 12 with your camera turned on during the entire workshop.

Yes, Bold and Becoming is for everyone regardless of genders and age. We not only want to empower women and youths, we would like everyone to feel and be empowered, encouraged and enabled!

Please check our mentorship page and follow the registration link to apply. You must have previously attended our workshops to apply for this program.

An active role model/mentor is someone who has qualities and skills you admire and wish to have. Having an active role model/mentor will help you to learn and grow from sharing of their experience and skills. An active role model/mentor will guide you to navigate your professional, personal and academic life better. The role model/mentor shall help you to be the person you want to be!

No, the workshops and mentorship program are free-of-cost. You do not need to pay anything.


Know that

You are Bold and Becoming

Our Advisors

Nishat Mazumdar became the first Bangladeshi woman to scale Mount Everest, with the help of three Sherpas - Lakpa Sherpa, Pemba Dorje Sherpa, Mingma Sherpa and a bigger team led by another Bangladeshi mountaineer M. A. Muhit.

Nishat Majumdar

First female Bangladeshi to conquer Mount Everest Summit

Chief Accountant – WASA

Jasmine Ahmed is a Bangladeshi American based out of NYC and recognizes change is hard, but necessary. Jasmine has made it her mission to bring together diverse mindsets to break out of their paradigm and progress towards a future where they can thrive together. Her career has been focused on helping people embrace disruption to deliver transformation, accelerate growth and achieve personal success. She is recognized for building high performing teams and winning trust-based business partnerships by simplifying the complex to carve out a path for everyone to win. Jasmine’s in-depth transformation expertise across operating models, talent investment, technology stack and data has driven her success in multiple global industries to directly transform the way 7000+ employees work in multiple functions across the globe to create an empowered workforce while delivering over $100M in benefits. Her diverse industry experience includes highly federated media organizations, global pharmaceuticals, complex financial service companies and regulated utility companies.

Jasmine Ahmed

Global Director, Head of Finance Innovation

Impact Stories

Sharmeen Farzana

Bold and Becoming workshop attendee, Bangladesh

"After 3 years, I got the courage to talk to someone and an online platform is a huge fear of mine but that day was the 1st time when I spoke on this online platform...and it happened only for your cordial effort and vibrant encouragement towards us... I am mentioning us coz I believe that every single participant of your program has the same feelings as the way I felt!