Bold and Becoming

Workshop-08: Embrace Your Confidence

“Embrace Your Confidence.”


Bold and Becoming had their 8th workshop: You in action and You in Projection, which was also their first ever in-person workshop on October 15, 2022 at EMK Center. The successful workshop was facilitated by Mehran Khan, Head of BRAC Youth Platform & Detepriya Roy, Project Lead, Online Safety for Women and Youth, BRAC Youth Platform along with Chitralekha Kar, Founder and Facilitator of Bold and Becoming.


The workshop had commenced with a fun ice breaking session with the participants of the workshop. The speakers afterwards described how to build confidence in ourselves and the methods to sustain it despite being in different environments and situations. People tend to confuse confidence with a bank of knowledge, however, our facilitators have amazingly explained the difference.


Detepriya had shared real life examples and presentations about confidence building. She discussed how confidence can help one to stand up for own-self and to create positive impacts towards one’s respective society and community. She engaged with the participants to discover good things they have achieved in their lives and the goals they quitted because of them seeming impossible!


She then emphasized online safety and explained how specifically women and youth should be empowered about growing confidence in a third world country like Bangladesh.


Mehran Khan described and introduced his favorite fictional character “Batman” and his alter ego “Bruce Wayne” to explain how confidence helps one to achieve one’s goals and purposes. He described his amazing and exciting life stories showcasing his confidence.


The alter ego was a special term mentioned by Mehran Khan while explaining his role model – the secondary or alternative personality. Alter ego may have been taken as a negative phrase by many. However, alter ego is defined as the reduction of the gap between where we are now and where we want to be. Whether for the personality update or for the quick burst of confidence boost, alter egos do have connections with confidence!


The workshop ended well with a celebration for the first ever in-person workshop conducted by Bold and Becoming. The founder of Bold and Becoming with the guest speakers had planted the seeds of confidence in the hearts of the participants, who had given enthusiastic feedback afterwards.

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