Our Workshops

Workshop#1 - Creating A value System (EMK Center)

Values are the most important things in our lives. When we are aware, clear and cognizant about our values, prioritization becomes easier which in turn smoothens our decision making processes. And sound decisions are demonstrated through our actions and actions accumulate and shape our habits, which determine our daily outcomes or goals and forge our behavior.

Workshop#2 - Understanding the Purpose​ (EMK Center)

“Understanding the purpose” was our second workshop. As the title sounds, we pretty much dissected and discussed our “why(s)” in life. We teased our brains to answer the “why(s)” of our actions! We tried to solve the complicated calculus of “WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO?”.

Workshop#3 - Defining the HABITS (EMK Center)

After creating a value system and understanding our purposes, the next step was building new habits for our goals. We conducted our 3rd workshop on “Defining Habits.” We discussed how new habits can be formed, stacked. And learned about habit tracker, and different ways of creating new habits and ways to get rid of non-effective habits.

Workshop#4 - Integral organ of planning is Organization (EMK Center)

Organization is one of the integral parts of designing a blueprint for one’s life plan. In our 4th workshop: “Integral Organ of Planning is Organization”, we discussed how to manage time using different time management tools such as weekly and daily planners and using different practical techniques such as Pomodoro, to achieve the life one wants.

Workshop#5 - Dynamics of Challenge (EMK Center)

In today’s busy world, everyone faces different types of challenges in day-to-day life. But we need to know how to tackle them with courage and confidence. In our 5th Workshop on “Dynamics of Challenges,” we discussed how our brains work, the connection between emotions and actions, and how to deal with problems with critical thinking.

Workshop#6 - Building Resilience

One of the crucial emotional intelligences is “Resilience.” It is a quality to recover from difficulties and keep your calm in the face of challenges. After our previous workshop on “Dynamics of Challenges,” we discussed the next topic for moving forward from the challenge, which was “Resilience.”

Workshop#7 - Building Blocks of Confidence - You and You Only!

Our 7th workshop was on Building Blocks of Confidence. It was run by Chitralekha Kar Pooja, founder and facilitator of Bold and Becoming CPA, Assurance Senior, Ernst, and Young, and hosted by EMK center. Confidence is the element to use all the resources and skills you have. It encourages you and motivates you to keep moving and doing what you believe. We started our workshop by practicing some positive affirmations to make the participants confident.

Workshop#8: You in action and you in projection

Our 1st in person workshop that Bold AndBecoming has arranged( Saturday, 15 October 2022)at emk center.

The workshop was facilitated by @Diti Roy(Project Lead, Online Safety for Women and Youth, Brac Youth Platform) and @Mehran Khan (Head of the BRAC Youth Platform)

Workshop#9 - You in Effective Communication

The topic of our 3rd workshop on the Building Blocks of Confidence Series, which was also our 9th workshop altogether in EMK Center, was You in Effective Communication. It was held at 6pm, 26th November 2022. The purpose of this workshop was to share knowledge and awareness about different types of communication; and different techniques to improve effective communication.

Workshop#9a - You and Your Emotional Intelligence

We did our second in person workshop on December 8th at EMK Center.

Bushra Khan, a doctoral Student,Emotional Intelligence Enthusiast and also one of our mentors, was kind enough to facilitate a brilliant and lively in-person workshop on “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE”

Workshop#10 - Finding and Connecting to a Role-Model

Seeing is believing! Being able to see the person who you want to be is a great momentum in navigating professional and personal success. Finding and connecting to a role-model provides one with that navigation to move forward in one’s journey! It provides momentum!

Our Webinars

Webinar#1 - Women Empowerment and its values

We had the privilege of bringing together three amazing leaders and educators to share their perspectives and knowledge with us. According to World Vision, “Women’s empowerment can be defined as promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.”

Webinar#2 - Women Empowerment and its purposes

We had the honor of having three brilliant minds and changemakers as our guest speakers to share their thoughts on the subject. According to the UN, “Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.” To achieve SDG-5, we need to understand the purpose of women’s empowerment and its common misconceptions to move forward toward the goal.

Webinar#3 - Women Empowerment and Habits

“Women Empowerment and Habits” was the topic of our third webinar. We were honored and humbled to have three impactful global changemakers from different professional backgrounds to share their valuable knowledge and insights with us.

Webinar#4 - Women Empowerment: Planning and Organization

We launched with the discussion about roles of Bangladeshi males in their female partners’ work-life balance. Our panelists drilled into understanding and defining the context and idea behind the very statement “I support you” to effectively explain what a “healthy support” looks like.

Webinar#5 - Women Empowerment & its challenges

Bold and Becoming’s 5th webinar was on “Women Empowerment & Challenges.” We discussed stereotypes about women’s careers, doubting their capabilities, gender disparities in household chores, life challenges, and the coping mechanisms along with the solution to these issues.


Webinar#6 - Women Empowerment and Resilience - Actor Iresh Zaker

We were honored to have the brilliant actor and an accomplished corporate leader in the Advertising industry, Mr. Iresh Zaker as our guest speaker, in our 6th webinar on “Women Empowerment and Resilience. We started our discussion with one of the crucial questions: What are some of the misconceptions about women empowerment?

Webinar#7 - Asif Uddin Ahmed, Director of MBA Program, ULAB - Women Empowerment and Education

“Women Empowerment and Education.” was our 7th Webinar, where we were fortunate to discuss the importance of leadership skills, policy level structural changes and societal responsibilities with an absolute luminary, our esteemed and beloved Mr. Asif U Ahmed, Director of the MBA Program. University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.

Webinar#8 - Fuad Al-Muqtadir and Maya Al-Muqtadir, Women Empowerment and Leadership

We were honored and privileged to have the legendary singer, Fuad Al-Muqtadir and his beloved wife,Maya Mahjabin, an empowering and transformative leader in the public health and welfare sector. Our discussion launched by sharing our understanding of the term women empowerment and the revolving misconceptions around it. 

Webinar#9 - Women Empowerment and Confidence - Shitom Ahmed, Farhana Khan and Sameer

Our 9th webinar’s topic was “Women Empowerment and Confidence.” We discussed the confidence gap for women, misconceptions about women empowerment, gender disparities, the role of males, and the solution to these problems. 

Webinar#10 - Women Empowerment and Cultural Conditioning - Bipasha Hayat

The 10th webinar of Bold and Becoming was held on the topic women empowerment and cultural conditioning. We had the honour to have the popular TV actress, model, painter and melodious playback singer Bipasha Hayat as our guest. She privileged us throughout the session with her artful oration, humbleness and constructive discussion.

Webinar#12 - In and out of SDG#5 with Rijve Arefin, Co-Founder of Awareness 360

The 12th we webiner of Bold and Becoming was held on the topic In and out of SDG#5. We had the pleasure to have Rijve Arefin, Co-Founder of Awareness360 and Forbes 30 under 30 as our guest.. This webiner was largely focused on SDG#5 and specifically about Gender equality.

Webinar#13 - Self-love, is it really important? - Anika Rabbani

The 13th webinar topic of Bold and Becoming was “Self-Love, Is It Really Important or Not? We had the pleasure and honour to have Ms. Anika Rabbani, a professional yoga guru, a zealous promoter of self-love and self-care.