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Webinar-08: Fuad Al-Muqtadir and Maya Al-Muqtadir, Women Empowerment and Leadership

Bold and Becoming’s 8th webinar was on “Women Empowerment and Leadership”.

We were honored and privileged to have the legendary singer, Fuad Al-Muqtadir and his beloved wife, Maya Mahjabin, an empowering and transformative leader in the public health and welfare sector.

Our discussion launched by sharing our understanding of the term women empowerment and the revolving misconceptions around it. Fuad Al-Muqtadir believes that empowering a woman is to give her the freedom to have a voice and a choice to be who she wants to be! Adding to that, Maya Mahjabin shared about our responsibility as a community in creating opportunities to empower, enable and mobilize women.

Talking and seconding eachother’s reflections regarding a healthy support system between a husband and wife, the power couple organically exhibited how a healthy support should look like by explaining about their impactful parenting style. A healthy support encompasses love, respect, mindful actions, collaborations, understanding and many other ingredients. It signifies believing in partners’ visions and proactively supporting each other defying the long standing gender biases in both household and professional roles. A healthy support entails the approach – when one does the dishes, the other does the laundry, and vice-versa, added Mr. Muqtadir . The way the couple is raising their daughter— respecting her as an unique individual with own personality; giving her the safe space to voice her own opinions; enabling to make her own decisions and choices; further demonstrated the healthy support system nurtured between the couple.

These two beautiful souls also shared about their journeys through different challenges and adversities. Exercising, meditation, praying, expressing gratitude, and having growth mindsets, have helped them weather difficult times.

Not everything we learn in our childhood holds true and relevant in our adulthood. And from time to time unlearning such things becomes crucial to navigate adulthood. While speaking of such, the couple shared that they always try to be mindful about breaking the cycles of generational parenting styles and unrooting deeply seated cultural gender stereotypes which they grew up with. They cognizantly and consciously try to adapt and evolve with time in both their professional and personal lives. Wherever you are, adjusting and evolving is where happiness lies – the inspiring duo exclaimed!

First hand listening to these two wonderful human beings was an immense privilege and an uncontestable experience. They epitomize unity and embody as instrumental champions of gender equality and women empowerment. Thank you so much for being such incredible role-models!

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