Bold and Becoming

Workshop-07: Building Blocks of Confidence – You and You Only!

Our 7th workshop was on Building Blocks of Confidence. It was run by Chitralekha Kar Pooja, founder and facilitator of Bold and Becoming CPA, Assurance Senior, Ernst, and Young, and hosted by EMK center.

Confidence is the element to use all the resources and skills you have. It encourages you and motivates you to keep moving and doing what you believe. We started our workshop by practicing some positive affirmations to make the participants confident.

Some of them were, “I am enough,” “I am confident,” “I am special,” etc.

Our first exercise was to write down the things we can feel confident about. Such as,
I am bold and becoming confident
I am kind.
I can draw.
I have empathy.

It really helps the participants to reflect on themselves and understand they are doing their best.
Positive Self-talk
We discussed 5 positive self-talk tips with the participants. They were:
Daily gratitude practice
Treat yourself as you would treat your friend
Limit the negative exposure
Surround yourself with positive people
Avoid negative self-talk

These small tips were to help them practice self-care daily so that they can build confidence bit by bit.

Exercise-02 Find Your Purpose-IKIGAI
IKIGAI is a Japanese concept of finding your purpose. It is a combination of your passion, the world’s needs, and something you can earn money for. We encouraged our participants to find out their passions to create a combination with the world’s needs and monetary profit.

For example, if someone loves to draw or paint, it can be combined with the need of artists and one can also earn money from it.

Exercise-03 Be Your Own Hero
Our last exercise was to make a checklist for our daily self-care routine. We need to be our own heroes to take care of and protect ourselves from any negativity.

We guided the participants to write down in detail the time, place, and activities they will do.

For example:
Being kind to ourselves by taking a break from work.
Taking a break at 5.00 pm.
Listening to our self-talk.
Taking ourselves on a solo date to a coffee shop.
Talking to a loved one like a sister or friend.

Self-care is not a selfish activity. You can not take care of others if you are already exhausted. You matter and you need to keep trying.

End of the session, we had the lovely opportunity to have the dopamine booster, content creator Kamrun Nahar Daan-Dana Bhai Joss as our guest speaker; along with her mother-in-law.

They shared their techniques to take care of themselves. Dana took us on the journey of being the content creator and practicing building confidence throughout the journey.

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