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Workshop-09A: Emotional intelligence wins the race!

“Emotional intelligence wins the race!”


The statement is deduced for the formula where the product of a person’s insights and intelligence quotient is equal to twice the emotional quotient which is also known as emotional intelligence.


That is what the second in-person workshop of Bold and Becoming was all about. The lively workshop was titled “You and Your Emotional Intelligence” and we were very happy to have an industry expert and enthusiast on Emotional Intelligence, Bushra Khan as our facilitator, who is a PhD candidate and also one of the mentors of the Bold and Becoming Mentorship Program. The workshop was held on 8th December at EMK Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Bushra Khan began the workshop with an unique ice breaking session with color coded smiley stickers designated with different questions, which the participants had to answer to get to know each other before proceeding the workshop.


Scientific researchers along with Bushra herself had conducted statistics that concluded people with emotional intelligence are ahead in life with different perspectives chosen by the individuals than the individuals having higher intelligence quotient. The statistics were conducted with a span of five to ten years difference on respective individuals. This real life data inspired the participants to focus more on how to enhance and utilize their emotional intelligence.


The speaker further mentions that the ability to manage both our emotions and the emotions of people around us is what emotional intelligence is. The four steps of emotional intelligence – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management were observed with verbal sets of questions by the speaker towards the participants in order to observe their intensity of emotional intelligence and control over their feelings.


The programme was taken to the next level with the participants divided into groups to choose and define real life examples or role models for the respective four stages of emotional intelligence. The teams had ten minutes to complete and interact with each other to fulfill the goals and to explain their specific examples.


Last but not the least was the plus delta evaluation, a process that identifies what went well and what might be changed for a better outcome in the future. The participants went out with their opinions that were classified on the evaluation chart and that was the last part of the session.


The workshop ended successfully with casual conversations of the participants with Bushra Khan and sharing of feedback on the workshop.

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