Bold and Becoming

Workshop-10: Finding and Connecting to a Role-Model

Seeing is believing! Being able to see the person who you want to be is a great momentum in navigating professional and personal success. Finding and connecting to a role-model provides one with that navigation to move forward in one’s journey! It provides momentum!

In “workshop#10 – Finding and connecting to a Role-model”, Bold and Becoming shared with the audience on where to start! We allowed the participants to be first clear about their goals, needs and expectations so that they can be more clarified and streamlined on what they are looking for. We prepped them by sharing about 3Ws of networking: Why, Who, When/where and led them to drill deeper on what their next five years look like. This “My next 5 years” exercise allowed them to find the skills, knowledge, tools, resources etc. that they need to become their 5years version from now.

Based on those findings, we asked them to find out who do they know resembling to their 5years’ self within their current network. We then propagated them with specific objective based guidelines on how to network with someone who seems to be a good role-model based on their personal findings; and eventually how to expand their network. We then modeled a research activity by giving them cues to research about their peers in the workshop.

The participants were then informed about the networking platform, LinkedIn and were demonstrated how to open up a LinkedIn Account; and approach and connect to other professionals from different industries.

Participants were also informed and taught about 3Es of Networking: Entry, Engage and Exit, and were provided with hands on experience on how to engage with others using a story connect technique, and better questions which can lead to better answers and meaningful connections.

With all these fun and informative activities, we were able guide the participants on enabling them to realize the importance of having a role-model in their lives and equipping with the correct and appropriate tools and skills to find and connect to their role-models!

The participants highly appreciated the workshop and shared their experiences on how the workshop helped them to learn and gather new information about this crucial leadership skill!

The workshop ended with our regular practice of positive affirmations and the great quote : “Our Network is our Net worth!”

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