Bold and Becoming

Bold and Becoming | Building Blocks of Confidence – You in action and you in projection | In-Person Workshop #8

Bold and Becoming | Workshop for Young Female Students | Session 08
It’ll be an in-person workshop. Registration going on!

Bold and Becoming is a series of empowering workshops (and podcasts) to create a strong and dynamic network of women(and youths). The workshops will focused around three main objectives 1. Setting Goals/life-paths 2. Learning leadership skills 3. Building Mentor-mentee relationships.
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The entire program is disaggregated into 12 workshops with an expectation of 1 workshop per month. These workshops are structured in intriguing interactive sessions with periodic presence of distinguished and accomplished guest speakers who will share their valuable life lessons, experiences, and wisdoms.

The workshops will be coordinated and facilitated using the “I do, you do, and we do” model with the following layout of the structure:
1. Introduction of the topic with a clear establishment of the objective.
2. Ice-breaking games
3. Interactive exercises and activities to address the objectives
4. Discussion of the outcomes
Females aged 15 and above are requested to register.

1. Chitralekha Kar (Pooja), Founder and Facilitator, Bold and Becoming and Intermediate Assurance Associate, Ernst and Young
2. Mehran Khan, Head of BRAC Youth Platform
3. Detepriya Roy, Project Lead, Online Safety for Women and Youth, BRAC Youth Platform

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Registration deadline: 11:59 AM | October 15 2022

We will send a confirmation email to the registered participants prior to the event.
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Security Measure:
1. Bring your photo ID card (NID / School, College, University ID) and show it for security check-in.
2. Show the confirmation email while security check-in.
3. Be present at the center 15 before minutes starting the session.
5. Follow other rules and conditions as per the guideline of the center.

It’s free to join.
Reach out to if you have any queries.

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  • Date : October 15, 2022 - October 15, 2022
  • Time : 04:00 pm - 06:00 pm (UTC+6)
  • Venue : EMK Center


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